Derat - Rat repellent solution - seismic rodent repeller

DERAT - Rat repellent solution

The seismic rodent repeller friendly with your pets

Farewell to rodents, without pollution!

Derat is effective, safe, simple and not at all bloody. Derat repels permanently rats without poisons, offering a considerable saving of costs and avoiding potential damages.
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8 ADVANTAGES using our rat repellent  

  • It does not pollute and it is safer than most of the poisons used for rodent control
  • The seismic waves do not interfere with any electronic equipments and devices
  • This kind of pest control is not cruel because it just chases the rodents away
  • Effective from installation, it prevents unpleasant damages to your company's image
  • It respects all the requirements of the HACCP hygiene standards
  • Thanks to the variable frequency avoiding addiction, it can repel both mice and small insects
  • It reduces costs and offers long-term savings for the protection of goods and foodstuffs
  • It does not bother nor run the risk of poisoning pets or domestic animals


Derat was designed to solve a big problem that plagues so many business locals of the food sector: rats. They can damage furniture, goods and food, consequently giving serious problems both from economical and company's image point of view. In addition, they are diseases carriers, very dangerous to human beings. 

HACCP guidance imposes the use of ecological and bloodless rodents control. Therefore, Zernike designed a simple seismic repeller, able to reject mice and rats without use of polluting, expensive and dangerous to operators chemical products. Derat issues seismic and random variable vibrations, which prevent rodents from getting addicted to vibrations themselves.

Easy installation: Derat is very ease to use and does not require structural interventions, for this reason it is a suitable solution for the Horeca sector. Completely made in Italy, it has a coverage of about 1,200 square meters and it does not interfere with electrical devices, such as TV sets or cell phones, or disturb pets and animals. In the installation of rodents control, the seismic repeller can be combined with our ultrasonic repellers U120 and U360, in order to cover critical areas, such as pedestrian areas or loading and unloading areas.



Ultrasonic repeller with a maximum coverage of about 120 m2
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Ultrasonic repeller with a maximum coverage of about 360 m2
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Seismic waves repeller with a range of 20 meters on the ground and of 25 meters vertically, maximum coverage of about 1200 m2. Designed for all kind of work environments, it has two operational programs or it can be used by remote control.
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