WINDRY is a technologically simple device with a constant performance: it emits ventilated warm air according to a preset schedule to dry glasses and cutlery contained in racks.
There is no record of the drying times as they may vary according to several factors:
- the types of glass used; (height, width, shape…),
- the tilt of the glass inside the rack,
- the hardness and type of treatment of water,
- the rinse/drying cycle of glasswashers,
- the temperature of the water used in the rinse cycle,
- the usage (and quantity) of a rinse agent,
After a few tests and a little experience with WINDRY, each client will be able to understand the right length in order to preset the times for the following drying cycles. Usually, it takes an average of 120/240 seconds. This works for both glasses and cutlery.
. Once it works, WINDRY does not need anyone to supervise or monitor its progress. After presetting the times and switching on the device, WINDRY will work automatically.
we strongly recommend to our retailers:
1. To use osmotic or purified water as a prerequisite to achieve transparent, shiny and bright glasses.

It is extremely important to underline the close connection between the quality of water used during the washing cycle, the results achieved and the drying times. Osmotic water (mineral salts free) drains faster from the glass surface so there is less water remaining to be dried compared to the use of non-treated water. This prevents droplets and spots formation and eases and speeds up the drying cycle.
The use of treated water plus WINDRY is a valuable alternative to polishing tools (e.g. granulate dryers for drying and polishing) as it is able to achieve safe and economic results.

2. To use a rinse agent. Adding little rinse agent improves the drying performance.

3. To use the appropriate racks.

As regards racks, we recommend the tilting clips baskets made of coated wire. Tilt glasses enhance the air circulation by avoiding the rim to be completely in touch with the base rack and improving the drying cycle.
Placing glasses directly on the WINDRY surface is not recommended. They should be contained in a rack which spaces them out from the surface so the air will circulate on the inside of the glass to remove the humidity and will get out of the glass. Moving the rack from the glasswasher to WINDRY makes the unloading operations faster, improves the efficiency as glasses are already placed upside-down and prevents marks left by manual unloading operations.
WINDRY cannot be operated after the use of a traditional dishwasher as the results well be unsatisfactory. Non-treated water will leave whitish spots and droplets, damaging the image of the company.

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