Ozonclean - ozone generator

OZONCLEAN - Ozone generator machine and water treatment

The new line of ozone generators with more power, less cost

More versatility and technological reliability for sanitizing without using chemical products

The new line of Ozonclean machines sanitizes and deodorizes rooms in less time and without any risk for people or the environment. The Ozonclean system destroys viruses, bacteria and spores; it eliminates unpleasant smells and keeps rats and roaches away. Ozonclean is also the best solution for extending the shelf life of your food products. The air cleaner you were waiting for.
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6 BENEFITS using our ozone generator  

  • Extends the shelf life of your food products.
  • Sanitizes eliminating viruses, bacteria, spores and destroying any unpleasant smell.
  • Does not use any harmful or toxic chemical substance.
  • Fight the presence of rats, roaches, earwigs, ants, spiders, etc.
  • Reduces the cost of sanitization and does not need maintenance.
  • Guarantees a level of sanitization which fully complies with HACCP standards.


We have upgraded our line of ozone generators for room sanitization and deodorization Ozonclean. The new models are technologically superior to our previous ones and are more practical, more powerful, more safe and reliable; they offer customized solutions for any necessity and any room dimension.
Ozonclean action is wide and deep: it eliminates viruses, bacteria, spores and all those microorganisms that commonly proliferate in public places and kitchens; destroys unpleasant smells and keeps insects and rats away. All this without using any chemical substance. Ozonclean is also the best solution for extending the shelf life of food products as ozone’s sanitizing effect kills all those bacteria responsible for food degradation.
Ozonclean machines transform the oxygen naturally present in the air into ozone, a natural element which after exerting its powerful oxidizing effect transforms back into oxygen without leaving any harmful or toxic residual. A completely natural system with no risks for people or the environment.
Behind the innovation of the new models there is not a simple assembler of cheap components but rather a dynamic company which designs, patents and produces professional machines and decided to keep the entire production in Italy to guarantee total product reliability.

Fresh and sanitized rooms constitute and added value to your business, a qualitative leap for improving brand loyalty. Ozonclean saves you money: you will reduce the quantity of chemical products used for sanitization, cutting costs and eliminating storage related problems. Ozonclean works independently, reduces time and stress of cleaning procedures, and it does not require spare parts nor maintenance.

You just pay the very little cost of electricity. In addition, the sanitization levels guaranteed by Ozonclean fully comply with HACCP standards avoiding you problems in case of controls by hygiene authorities.




This model is designed for hotel rooms, restaurant kitchens, etc. It sanitizes rooms of up to 65 m2. Its handle makes it very practical.
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Ozonized water generator. Ideal for washing big quantity of food extending its shelf life or for normal sanitizing procedures.
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With a sanitizing capacity of up to 200 m2, it is ideal for big food storage rooms and big public areas.
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The machine designed for treating big food processing facilities, industrial kitchens, large cold rooms, etc.
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