piadacooking - professional electric griddle

PIADACOOKING - Professional electric griddle

The grill that cooks just food…. not the assistant cook!

In a small space, Piadina, one of the most loved take-away in Italy, can take shape.

Piadacooking is an innovative and patented griddle expressly made to let you save energy and to cook a healthy and tasty piadina. Your piadina will be cooked by the best equipment available on the market. Piadacooking is patented in order to reduce energy consumption and it offers the possibility of a profitable business investment, for people who want to open a piadineria.
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8 BENEFITS using our professional griddle  

  • The infrared issued by the cooking surface does not overheat the working environment.
  • Low power consumption with a power rating is reduced of up to 50% compared to other griddles.
  • The low infrared refraction of the griddle is a guarantee for the operator's health.
  • The stainless steel plate can be washed by water at any time during the piadina cooking.
  • The piadina cooks at uniform temperature distributed on the whole cooking surface.
  • You can freely compose the cooking station, combining as many griddles as you need.
  • Piadacooking does not require expensive maintenance.
  • Perfect for preparing a versatile , tasty and cheap street food.
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Piadina is a simple and tasty street food, rooted in the history of Italian cuisine. For this reason, Zernike manufactured Piadacooking: a modular system of griddles, composing a work station for a quick and efficient piadina cooking. Its inimitable characteristic is the low infrared refraction, a feature allowing to benefit the health of personnel involved in cooking, without overheating the working environment. 

Piadacooking design is based on the awareness that the strong point of piadina, as take-away, is its genuine nature, very loved by Italians for a daily meal, because it is both cheap and extremely versatile. Consequently, for the HORECA sector, Zernike has not only created just a flat plate for cooking, but it has developed a real Italian Street Food Concept.

In addition to the equipment, we can provide you with training courses planned to teach you the know-how about producing and selling piadina at best, as well as to support you to project the place of your business.

Our consultants will help you to develop a project to take advantage of the full potential of this activity. Our mission, strongly directed towards cutting-edge technologies, has led us to focus on the food sector, recently growing very fast, still alive in the cultural fabric of our country and more and more known and appreciated all over the world.



Compact griddle, without side edges, designed for cooking at the same time up to 4 piadine sized 30 cm in diameter.
Sheet download


Dual command compact griddle without side edges, for cooking at the same time up to 8 piadine sized 30 cm in diameter.
Sheet download


Compact griddle, without side edges, designed for cooking at the same time up to 6 piadine sized 30 cm in diameter. 
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Ribbed cooking surface for fillings provided with side edges, ideal for cooking the stuffing to fill piadine.
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Piada station
Food trolley equipped with cooking smoke suction system, designed to support Piadacooking griddle and whatever needed to make a free standing workstation for the preparation of piadina. Equipped also with drawers for food, it is a complete solution, perfect for events, fairs, conferences and happenings.
Bases with doors
base armadiata flashgrill
Zernike proposes a stainless steel base with doors, designed for users who, because of lack of space or for a better handiness, need to combine a storage place with a Piadacooking unit (available in the same widths of each Piadacooking models)
Bases on legs
base su gamba flashgrill

A simple stainless steel base with a bottom shelf designed to  easily place the Piadacooking in any location (available in the same widths of each Piadacooking models).

base 2 cassetti 1 anta flashgrill zernike

Neutral base, with a very convenient arrangement of 2 drawers and a hinged door. Entirely made of stainless steel, it is available in different sizes for fitting the chosen Piadacooking model.

base riscaldata ventilata flashgrill zernike

2 doors ventilated heated base entirely made of stainless steel. Available in different sizes for fitting the chosen Piadastation model. Perfect for keeping warm food and plates.

base refrigerata flashgrill zernike

120 cm long, GN 2/1 sized refrigerated base entirely made of stainless steel. Suitable as a support structure for Piadacooking models and perfect for having always at hand the food products you need to cook.


flash clean
PIADACOOKING cleaner. Indivisible package consists of 8 bottles, used at the end of the service to keep the griddle as clean as new.
SPATULA(included accessory)
spatula 1 flashgrill zernike
Useful for turning over or move the food during cooking
1 cloche flahgrill zernike
It speeds up cooking and increases its quality.


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