flashgrill - cooking grill for professional cooking

FLASHGRILL - Cooking grill for professional cooking - Fry top

The grill to prepare healthy and tasty dishes

For chefs with constant focus on both health and money saving

FlashGRILL assures a stable cooking temperature always lower than the “smoke point” of saturated fats, consequently food keeps its juices and its nutritional features. FlashGRILL is energy saving and allows a simultaneous cooking of different types of food, therefore it really helps you to optimize time and costs.

8 ADVANTAGES using our professional cooking grill  

  • Installed power cut down compared to similar grills with the same power (e.g.: competitor's grill 80x90 kw 15 – flashgrill 80x90 kw 7,2)
  • FlashGRILL fry top cooks at low temperature (210° - 230°), consequently the smoke point of saturated fats, harmful to health, is never reached.
  • 90% reduction of cooking smoke, less heat dispersion
  • Food keeps its organoleptic features and remains soft and juicy
  • Very high productivity, thanks to a food weight loss reduced to a minimum value
  • The cooking surface can be washed by water, during the service
  • Uniform cooking always at the same selected temperature
  • The low radiation from the cooking surface assures a very small impact on operator's health and environment
aelectrical absorption mini


FlashGRILL is the fry top designed by Zernike to reduce energy costs in catering sector. Our patented system of indirect heating by diathermic fluid, once heated, transfers uniformly the heat to the cooking surface, without fluctuations of temperature, thus allowing to exploit the whole cooking surface. By the diathermic fluid thermal inertia, the power installed in FlashGRILL is considerably lower than other competitors in Ho.Re.Ca market. The power consumption assures about 50-70% saving in costs and a good optimization of resources.  

By designing FlashGRILL, our team decided to manufacture a professional machine able to bring out the best organoleptic properties of raw food and to keep it tasty and juicy. The constant temperature, between 210 ° and 230 degrees , prevents the achievement of the smoke point of fats, avoiding the risk of burning food, that is potentially carcinogenic, however not healthy and unappetizing. Meat, fish, vegetables and even fruits cooked by FlashGRILL are not subjected to a substantial weight loss, so that productivity and taste are definitely improved. 

FlashGRILL reduces the cooking smokes and the nickel-plated steel surface allows you to cook different foods at the same time, without mixing the flavours. This feature simplifies the chef's tasks and it optimizes the service time, a great saving of costs and resources. FlashGRILL is easy to clean, just by water or by our special scraper and it is immediately ready for cooking a new dish. The moderate heat is an advantage for the operator's health, being less heated, as well as for the environment, that is not overheated. FlashGRILL is available in different sizes, with flat or ribbed surface, it is patented expressly for Horeca and large scale retailers sector , but the range of Deluxe models is perfectly suitable for street food preparation too.


Serie 600 DELUXE

Small grill made for catering, bars, pubs and private houses wishing to make fast healthy and tasty food in a limited place. 
Sheet 5060 download

Serie 900

Grill expressly made for a simultaneous cooking of different food, without excessive heat radiation 
Sheet 4090 download

Serie 700

Stainless steel medium-sized grill available with flat, ribbed, or half flat and half ribbed surface 
Sheet 4070 download 
Sheet 8070 download

Serie 700 dobble control

For a simultaneous cooking of different food, requiring various cooking temperatures 
Sheet 8070 double control download

Serie 800 / 900 dobble control

Larger grill designed for fast-foods, sushi restaurants and steak house 
Sheet 8090 double control download


base with doors flashgrill zernike
A stainless steel base with doors, designed for operators who need to combine a storage place with a FlashGRILL unit, for reasons of organization or lack of place.
base on legs flashgrill zernike
A stainless steel base with bottom shelf ,designed to place FlashGRILL in any kind of kitchen.
base 2 drawers 1 door flashgrill zernike
Neutral base, with a very convenient arrangement of 2 drawers and a hinged door. Entirely made of stainless steel, it is available in different sizes for fitting the chosen FlashGRILL model.
refrigerata 2 casseti
120 cm long, GN 2/1 sized refrigerated base entirely made of stainless steel. Suitable as a support structure for FlashGRILL models and perfect for having always at hand the food products you need to cook.

heated fan assisted base flashgrill zernike
2 doors ventilated heated base entirely made of stainless steel. Available in different sizes for fitting the chosen FlashGRILL model. Perfect for keeping warm food and plates.
2 cassetti base flashgrill
A stainless steel base with  2 neutral drawers. 


1 cloche flahgrill zernike
It speeds up cooking and increases its quality, designed for big pieces of meat as Florentine or bone-in meat.
SPATULA (included accessory)
kitchen spatula flashgrill zernike
Useful to turn over or move the food during cooking.
KITCHEN SCRAPER (included accessory)
scraper flashgrill zernike
Made to clean the ribbed surface, we designed a special steel scraper to remove any leftovers without damaging the surface.
flashclean detergent flashgrill
Detergent for FlashGRILL cooking surface, to clean it at the end of the service, in order to sanitize and to make it shine like new.

cleaning tool zernike
Folding tool for cleaning the griddle surface also when hot.
Easy to place on the cooking surface thanks to its supports, the shelf provides you with just the extra space you need to have everything at hand: food, plates, dressing, tools… Entirely made of stainless steel with high lateral and back borders.
Drawer for tools, spices and all that needs to be at hand during the cooking. The drawer top serves as a practical shelf for plates. This tool can be combined only to the refrigerated base.
wheel flash
Revolving wheels of which 2 with brake for base with doors or for base on legs.

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