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GR-SYSTEM - Commercial dishwasher

The immersion utensil washer

Say Goodbye to wasted hours with sponges and detergents, GR-System will wash them

GR-System is the utensil washer designed by Zernike to reduce costs and consumption. Safe and easy to use, with its special cleanser it is the perfect solution in the kitchen in compliance with HACCP standards.
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8 BENEFITS of our commercial dishwasher  

  • It sanitizes any kind of cookware and utensils
  • It replaces completely the pre-soakingstep of normal utensil washers
  • It cleans deeply pots aluminum without oxidize and blacken them
  • It washes, descales and degreases any toolin your place
  • It optimizes the costs and the employeeswork flow
  • The utensil washer GR-System allows to reduce costs and consumption
  • It complies with HACCP washing standards required without contamination
  • It use a specific, non-caustic, eco- friendly and biodegradabledetergent
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8 advantages


The utensil washer GR-System comes from the research and experience of the Zernike Group in the realization of innovative equipment for the Ho.Re.Ca. and GDO. Our patented system is unique. It has a charge immersion and moreover it uses an eco-friendly ,specific and non-causticdetergent.

Greenclean Detergent ensures excellent results for the entire washing cycle and it is easy to dose. The constant water temperature of 85 ° makes sure that the power of the sanitizing solution remains unchanged, ensuring an incomparable sanitation without excessive consumption. GR-System washes and sanitizes all the utensils in the kitchen, including those that normally require several hours of soaking and scrubbing with unsatisfactory results, for example: filters hoods, skewers, fryers baskets, and pans and molds for bakeries or pastry shops. Our utensil washers is perfect for thoroughly descaling and degrease each type of material (steel, copper, polyethylene, cast iron), including aluminum. YES, even aluminum, because GR-System does not oxidize and it does not black metal, or better still it protects and restores it to its former glory. It is necessaryonly a quick rinse under running water to use them again.

Moreoverthe efficiency of GR-Systemutensil washer is assuredto its extreme ease of use.Zernike designed it keeping in mind the time factor, an important resource to optimize more and more, in order to provide highquality levels. Our utensil washers allows a fast and agileworkflow because it is developed to reduce washing stationwork. You will only have to add the detergentdosage, as indicated, to remove food debris from tools and then to dip them. The only care is to use protection as our glove silicone Orka to extract cookware and utensils because at the end of the wash they are hot.


To see the utensil clean is not enough and the manual washing of pots and objects can lead to a poor sanitation result. Soaking tubs, water, sponges and scouring pads are the ideal environment for bacteria, so as to constitute a risk to health during food preparation. The optimal value indicated for a cleaning sanitizing is 3600 HUE on the surface of the washed dishes. To avoid cross-contamination you must consider every stain or fouling as a potential hotbed of bacteria.



for small spaces, with a tankfor trays GN 1/1, GN 2/1 andtrays 60x40 
Sheet download


Immersion utensil washer with a 210 litres tankdesigned for small or medium users as deli’s and bakeries 
Sheet download


Model with integrated automatic basket lift system, it isideal for medium or large users, such as delicatessens and food industries. 
Sheet download


Utensil washer perfect for medium or large users, as bakeries, that need to wash at the same time many tools 
Sheet download


Model with integrated automatic basket lift system, it isideal for users who need to wash quickly many material 
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GR Gastronomy

Utensil washer for large users with specific needs (street vendors), it can be combined with the automatic basket lift system 
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GR Gastronomy UP

Model with integrated automatic basket lift system, it is ideal for large users that have a lot of materials to wash in less time 
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anticalcare grsystem zernike
The permanent magnets anti-scale prevents the limestone deposit that, otherwise, would decrease the efficiency and lifetime of the utensil washers. Our device does not expire, it requires no maintenance and it has no toxic effects on humans.
Orka glove
guanto orka grsystem zernike
Orka silicone glove is non-porous, non-absorbent andresistant up to a temperature of 250 degrees.Orka is dishwasher, ambidextrous, elbow length and completely non-slip
Automatic basket lift system
sollevatore grsystem zernike
the automatic basket lift system is fixable to the back of each GR standard model to make the tools extraction easier and less tiring for increasing the washings productivity
Guides for trays
guida teglie grsystem zernike
Our guides hold the trays in vertical and equidistant so as to ensure a perfect washing; you can buy them also in a second time with a new basket

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