“Innovation involves seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what no one has thought.”
(Albert Szent-Gyorgyi)

A leading company in innovation

Founded in 1998, Zernike is today a leading company in the Ho.Re.Ca. and GDO sectors that produces a wide range of equipment different from the traditional one already on the market: from cooking to washing, from dry-aging for meat to ripening for cured meats and from sanitization of environments to drying system.

The company is constantly looking for innovative solutions, exploiting technologies to obtain environmentally sustainable products, without losing the focus on saving, efficiency and quality.

Zernike has been able to grow dynamically, carefully observing the work of the professionals and the realities for which it produces its equipment, outlining new trends over the years and establishing itself both nationally and internationally.

Team Zernike

Our company: past, present and future

1998 - First years

Zernike was born with the production of the first patented GR-System utensil washer.

2002 - Two new GR-System models

Expansion of the range of utensil washer, launching on the market GR 3 and GR 4.

2006 - The turning point

Zernike decides to broaden its horizons, taking advantage of the skills acquired over the years to design innovative, simple, functional and minimal environmental impact technologies. A new production plant settled down in San Mauro Pascoli.

2007 - Ozonclean

The first product to see the light in the new production plant is Ozonclean, an ozone generator capable of sanitizing environments without the use of chemicals.

2008 - Creation of the first automatic glass dryer on the Ho.Re.Ca. market

Windry is a patented dryer capable of making glasses and cutlery shine in a few minutes, reducing drying times and labor costs.

2009 - The first ripener is patented

In August, the first patent on the homogeneous diffusion of air inside a food processing cabinet was published: Klima Aging was born, the ideal cabinet for ripening meats and refine cheeses.

2010 - Derat

The R&D activity continues unabated and Derat is presented to the market, a seismic wave bollard capable to remove mices effectively without using poisons.

2012 - FlashGRILL: the revolution in the world of fry-tops

After several research Zernike introduces on the market a patented cooking technology, based on an indirect heating system of the plate. Here is FlashGRILL, a complete range of fry tops suitable for every type of cooking, and Piadacooking, the specific plates designed for the world of piadina.

2014 - Klima Meat

Thanks to the experience gained over the years with Klima Aging and the skills in the field of sanitization and biosecurity, Zernike decided to design Klima Meat, a dry-aging able to guarantee everybody a perfect aging of meat.

2015 - An international award

During HOST 2015 fair, FlashGRILL receives the SMART Label, an international award which gives a prize to products with a high level of technological innovation, conferred by a collaboration between the Polytechnic of Milan and the host institution – Fiera Milano.

2016 - FlashGRILL Evolution

The machine is totally renewed in the internal structure, with an improvement in performance and reliability. With the use of a new display, multiple new functions are introduced to meet the needs of each operator.

2017 - A year full of satisfactions

Efforts are beginning to be rewarded. FlashGRILL Evolution wins first prize as an innovative product at the Ho.Re.Ca. in London.
Zernike participates with great success at the Host fair in Milan, presenting all new products and opening up strongly to foreign markets: for the first time, sales reach all 5 continents.

2018 - A birthday present!

The first 20 years of activity are an opportunity to inaugurate a new production site, entirely dedicated to Klima cabinets due to their ever-increasing demand.

2019 - The Klima range expands

The larger spaces, the new machinery and the growing economies of scale allow to lauch the Klima Easy line on the market, and to offer a series of cabinets that are accessible to everyone but with the same patents and technologies of the System range.

2020 - Lots of news coming

Thanks to the introduction of new and important professional figures, the R&D activity has undergone a further boost: many innovations are being studied, including the complete restyling of the GR-System utensil washer and the design of new products for washing and drying.