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The best cooking quality, the highest energy efficiency for a unique griddle on the market.

With Piadacooking Evolution we have reached a cooking quality without any precedent, which allows to enhance the characteristics and the nutritional properties of each different preparation.
The patent on the cooking technology allows to reduce energy consumption and heat loss to a minimum, optimizing cooking uniformity and keeping the performance unaltered even in the most demanding working conditions.

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A patented cooking system for a griddle made in Italy

Piadacooking Evolution is a griddle completely engineered and manufactured in Italy using a technology that transmits heating indirectly and allows to reduce power consumption up to 70% compared with traditional grill.

Built in stainless steel (suitable for contact with food in compliance with CE legislation) without joints or welds, Piadacooking Evolution has clean and elegant lines that make it very stylish and easy to clean.


Washable top
You can easily wash the surface at any time during use because the grill will not suffer temperature drops! No waiting time to restore the cooking temperature!

Removable tray
Much more capacious than traditional ones. A simple rotation is enough to extract it. Easily washable by hand or in the dishwasher.

Use 100% of the surface
Same constant temperature on the whole surface of the plate, corners and side bands included. Avoid the inconvenience of continually moving food during cooking!

Bespoke modular lines
It is possible to compose the cooking station by combining as many griddle as desired.

Don’t be afraid of getting burnt
By simply using latex gloves you can work standing with your hands very close to the surface without fear of burning yourself.

The temperature you decide
You can set the temperature to the degree with the peace of mind that the one shown on the display will always be your desired temperature.

Reduce fatigue and stress!
The use of low temperatures considerably decreases the radiated heat and the fumes to which you are subjected during cooking.

Greater productivity
The indirect heating system allows you to keep the temperature constant for the entire duration of the service, without drops, with a significant increase in productivity.

Unlike the traditional grills where the surface is heated directly by electrical resistances or by the gas flame, Piadacooking Evolution adopts a patented indirect heat transmission system where the heating elements are immersed in a diathermic fluid contained within a waterproof tank.

This tank, which has the same dimensions as the hob, is located below it: the heating elements then heat the fluid which in turn transmits the heat indirectly and uniformly to the hob above.

Thanks to this indirect heating system Piadacooking Evolution, in addition to significant energy saving, boasts temperature uniformity and cooking quality that cannot be reached from any other grill on the market.

Riscaldamento indiretto Piadacooking Zernike

The digital touch screen display is more than a simple on/off display.
We chose to provide to our clients a true controller to satisfy any requirement the user needs.

Thanks to its multifunctional display Piadacooking Evolution is capable to:

  • get a selectable per degree temperature;
  • visualize the temperature on the grill with precision per degree;
  • set easily 3 different working temperatures;
  • activate a countdown timer for those recipes that require precision per second;
  • count the hours of actual use of the griddle;
  • lock the display to avoid any changes during cooking;
  • set alarm for ordinary maintenance.
FlashGRILL Evolution Zernike display multifunzionale

Contrary to what happens with traditional grills, where the heat is concentrated only in some points, Piadacooking Evolution uses the properties of the diathermic fluid to uniformly heat the surface without creating warmer or colder areas and thus allowing the operator to use the entire cooking surface.

A perfectly homogeneous and stable temperature throughout the service allows you to maximize productivity, optimizing working time and allowing you to cook piadina without a drop in performance.

It won’t be necessary to move the piadina in different areas of the griddle to get a better cooking!

Piadacooking Zernike

With Piadacooking Evolution your shop will be able to differentiate itself from the competitors, enhancing the quality of the raw materials.
The patented indirect heating system allows you to cook to perfection, without distorting the organoleptic characteristics and nutritional properties of the raw materials.

Traditional plates, such as ferritic ones, cook the piadina too aggressively, causing excessive thermal shock and the risk of burning those parts most in contact with the surface.
No more burnt parts that make the taste of food bitter!

Piadacooking Zernike

With low temperature cooking (240°-250°C), the smoke point of saturated fats is not reached and amines, carboxylic acids and other substances harmful to health are not produced: all substances that are normally generated during cooking with traditional grills or fry-top.

Piadacooking Evolution is therefore synonymous of healthy and natural nutrition.

Piadacooking Evolution is able to reduce the heat radiated towards the operator, the heating in the cooking environments and the emission of fumes, which are reduced to water vapor. Not reaching the smoke point of saturated fats, no burnt smell is produced.

Less dangers of scalding, less side effects for the health of those ones working on the griddle, better working conditions: all that translates into less stress for the staff!

With Piadacooking cook without burning!

Piadacooking Zernike

Piadacooking Evolution is a grill designed to cook for long sessions. Piadina is a food that by its nature can be consumed from late morning until late evening: many chains are therefore forced to keep the griddle always on for 10-12 consecutive hours.

Thanks to the indirect heating system and the technology used, the nominal installed power is about half that of other traditional griddles, while energy consumption is reduced by up to 70%.

With Piadacooking Evolution, savings are true and verifiable every month.

Choose PIADACOOKING to save money

Piadacooking Evolution is a grill designed to last over time, with no drop in performance and with almost zero maintenance costs. These aspects, in addition to the quality of cooking, have led numerous chains and international franchises to choose our griddle over time.

  • The ROI is incredibly high. The reduction of energy consumption up to 70% allows you to return from the investment in less than 1 year.
  • Diathermic fluid with unlimited duration. The liquid contained in the tank under the surface is not consumed and must not be replaced.
  • No wearing parts. The special steel alloy by which the hob is formed is non-deformable, does not wear out and allows you to cut the dishes directly on the griddle without scratching the surface.
  • Very low heat losses. In light of the low latent heat produced in the surrounding environment, the kitchens do not overheat as they normally do with other traditional grills. Moreover Piadacooking Evolution, generating very little smoke, is the ideal grill for Front Cooking and can be installed anywhere.
  • No pollution. It does not produce toxic substances, does not produce polluting material and does not burn gas or other fuels.
  • All stainless steal. Precious material that lasts over time, does not suffer alterations and does not rust. At the end of its life can be recycled.
FlashGRILL Zernike per risparmiare
Cloche Piadacooking Zernike

Endless possibilities to experiment with

Thanks to the versatility of Piadacooking Evolution you can easily expand your offer: in addition to the classic piadina, it is possible, for example, to cook crescia, pita, tortillas and pasta watercress stuffed.

The griddle is also suitable for cooking many fillings such as vegetables, meat or fish and, by using the cloche, it is possible to prepare piadipizza and piadaburger.
With Piadacooking you can personalize your piadina in a simple and healthy way.


Grill for 4 piadine

Piadacooking 60 is a grill designed to be able to cook up to 4 piadina with 30 cm diameter each at the same time. The side rails can be added on request, useful to contain any liquids produced by cooking some fillings, such as sausage, vegetables and meat.

Grill for 6 piadine

Piadacooking 90 is a grill designed to be able to cook up to 6 piadina with 30 cm diameter each at the same time. The side rails can be added on request, useful to contain any liquids produced by cooking some fillings, such as sausage, vegetables and meat.

Grill for 8 piadine

Piadacooking 120 is a grill designed to be able to cook up to 8 piadina with 30 cm diameter each at the same time. The side rails are already included, useful to contain any liquids produced by cooking some fillings, such as sausage, vegetables and meat.
Thanks to its double control temperature panel, when the flow of customer is reduced is possible to switch off half grill. Also it is easier and faster to use half grill for piadina and half to cook fillings, using two different temperature at the same time without the risk to burn foods or cooking it too slowly.

Customize your grill connecting Piadacooking 60 & 90

Piadacooking 60 and 90 can be used together joining them with a simple tool. In this way you can create a unique grill of 150 or 180 to improve the amount of piadina cooked at the same time. This solution is mostly used in malls or places with high affluence of customer with limited time for the break.


Piadina Shops
Pub, Coffee and Sandwich Shops
Tourist resorts and Cruise Ships
Food Truck
Gastronomy and Bakery Shops


Base with doors
base armadiata FlashGrill Zernike

Stainless steel support base with doors or drawers. Designed for storage purpose, it can be also refrigerated or heated.

Base on legs
Accessori Flashgrill Zernike

Stainless steel support base with an exposed bottom shelf.

Cleaning Tool
Flashgrill Zernike cleaning tool

Extensible and tilting tool for cleaning hot surfaces.

Flashgrill Zernike cloche

Designed for speeding up the cooking of that part of food not in contact with the surface of the griddle. Ideal for Piadipizza or to melt the cheese over the Piadaburger.

Flashgrill Zernike spatola

Spatula to turn or move food during cooking.

Flashgrill Zernike vantaggi

Smooth part scraper for perfect surface cleaning.

Flashclean Zernike

Detergent to optimally clean the surface. Pack of 8 bottles.


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