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The ozone generator for sanitizing and deodorizing environments without using chemicals.

Ozonclean is the only technology capable of destroying viruses, bacteria and spores in few minutes, in full compliance with H.A.C.C.P. regulations and without any risk for humans or for the environment. Ozonclean is also a perfect solution to remove bad smells and extend the shelf life of food.

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Ozonclean is an EUO3TA certified ozone generator completely built in Italy, using high quality components and cutting edge technology: its stainless steel AISI 304 chassis is synonymous of robustness, while the digital display and the easy and intuitive controls panel allow you to create daily or weekly programs to operate the machine on its own even during the night.

During its operation Ozonclean aspires the air present in the environment to make it flow into the ozone generator, after having adequately filtered and dried it. Here certified ceramic plates, custom built, generate the “corona discharge”, splitting oxygen molecules into individual atoms. These atoms naturally join the free oxygen molecules, creating an ozone molecule. Thanks to the generative technology used, called “cold plasma“, Ozonclean is able to produce pure ozone, avoiding the release into the environment of some toxic by-products such as nitrogen oxides.
The large quantities of ozone generated are finally expelled using a turbine, necessary to spread the ozone which, being heavier than the air, would tend to fall down near the machine.

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Why choose Ozonclean

The ozone, thanks to its very high oxidizing power, is able to inactivate over 99% of viruses (such as SARS, H1N1 and other Corona viruses), to eliminate bacteria (such as Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Listeria and Legionella), molds, mites (such as dust) and to destroy the pollutants present on the surfaces and objects of the treated environment. With Ozonclean you can reach an unprecedented level of sanitation.

Ozonclean Zernike

Due to its versatility, Ozonclean can be used for different purpose in several areas. For this reason we have decided to equip the machine with a simple and intuitive display that, based on the type of treatment needed and on the volume of the environment to be treated, will help to set your own personalized sanitization program.

Ozonclean Zernike sanificatore all'ozono

A manual cleaning with chemical detergents never leads to a total sanitation of the environment: there will be always difficult surfaces to reach, such as small spaces, corners and ventilation channels where viruses, bacteria and mites will continue to grow.

Ozonclean, using the air as a vehicle, is able to reach these areas and sanitize the whole environment completely.

Ozonclean Zernike sanificatore all'ozono

After days the food kept in the storage rooms tends to develop bacteria and molds which, in addition to emitting bad smells, speed up the decomposition process.

With Ozonclean it is possible to keep under control the development of molds and bacteria, avoid dangerous cross-contaminations and preserve the freshness of food, extending its storage time.

Ozonclean Zernike

Any clean environment, even if free of dust, can have odors that are difficult to remove: this happens in hotel rooms, kitchens, food processing centers or storage cells.

Ozonclean doesn’t cover smells, but is capable of breaking down and destroying odorous particles, bringing back the freshness of cleanliness to the environment.

Ozonclean Zernike sanificatore all'ozono

Ozonclean doesn’t use chemicals, but only the oxygen in the air to generate ozone. Ozone is an unstable gas and must be generated onsite and cannot be conserved: due to its instability, the ozone molecule will tend to break up, leaving only the oxygen molecule as the only residue.

Ozonclean is a product that respects the environment and leaves no residue.

Ozonclean Zernike sanificatore all'ozono per il settore sanitario
Ozonclean Zernike

Ozonclean: a certified sanitation

Italy: On July 31, 1996, with the protocol No. 24482, the Ministry of Health recognized the use of ozone in the treatment of air and water as a natural aid for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, molds and mites, in compliance with H.A.C.C.P. regulations.

Europe: On May 26, 2012, with the regulation No. 528, the European Parliament accepted the dossier sent by the EUO3TA (European Ozone Trade Association), recognizing ozone as a biocidal technology.

USA: On June 26, 2001, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) authorized the use of ozone in the gaseous state or in aqueous solution as an antimicrobial agent, defining it in document 21 CFR 173.368 a valid GRAS element, i.e. a safe food additive for human health.
On December 17, 2002, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), in the FSIS 7120.1 directive, approved the use of ozone in contact with both raw and cooked products.

Choose OZONCLEAN to save money

  • Save on chemical products. With Ozonclean you can immediately reduce the quantity of chemical products for sanitization, eliminating both costs and problems of correct storage. The only cost will be the consume of the electricity used to run the machine.
  • Save on spare parts. Ozonclean has no parts that can deteriorate and doesn’t need neither maintenance or spare parts: there are customers who have been using it daily for over 10 years.
  • Save on manpower. Save cost on staff, employed for hours in disinfecting and cleaning manually the surfaces, especially those more difficult to reach.
  • Save Time. Ozonclean is able to sanitize an environment in a few minutes. The presence of an operator during its operation is not necessary, as the machine is easily programmable to work on its own.

Choose OZONCLEAN to earn money

Ozonclean is for anyone who wants to earn money offering his customers a value-added service: restaurants, hotels, hospitals, public and private transport, and private facilities … who is not interested in an effective and ecological sanitation service recognized by the Ministry of Health?

The small size, its robustness and operating modes make Ozonclean an ideal product for those who want to have ozone treatment in the service list, such as cleaning companies, laundries and car washes. Also is very practical to use Ozonclean for rental.

With OZONCLEAN the profit is guaranteed.


Plug & play. Very simple to use, Ozonclean is already equipped with a plug. Just press the power button and the machine will start the sanitization treatment.


Versatile. Ozonclean can be used in many different areas: for example with the same machine it is possible to sanitize a car, a train van, a dental office, an hotel room and also a meat processing center.


Automatic. Ozonclean is programmable to operate without the presence of the user. The machine will automatically turn off at the end of the program.


Natural. Ozonclean uses the oxygen present in the air to transform it into a powerful sanitizing agent, without releasing harmful residues at the end of the treatment.


Reach every corner. Ozonclean, using air, is able to sanitize all surfaces that are difficult to reach, such as small spaces, ventilation channels and the most distant corners.


Kill more than 99% of viruses and bacteria. Ozonclean is able to inactivate over 99% of viruses, eliminate bacteria, mold, mites and destroy pollutants present in the treated environment.


Extend the shelf-life of the food. With Ozonclean it is possible to keep under control the development of molds and bacteria, avoid dangerous cross contaminations and preserve the freshness of food, extending its storage time.


Deodorize environments. Ozonclean doesn’t cover odors, but is capable of breaking down and destroying odorous particles, restoring the freshness of cleanliness into the environment.

Ozonclean: endless possibilities of use

Ozonclean Zernike per il settore turistico

Tourism sector

Cleanliness and hygiene are the first things to be checked from customers when they step into the room. Fresh air that smells clean, instead of bad smells left by the previous clients, such as the one of cigarettes, are details that an hotel’s owner should not underestimate. It will seem to the customer that no one has ever been in that room and the first impact with the structure, often the most important one, will certainly be positive. Ozonclean is also able to sanitize curtains, sofas, mattresses and blankets, killing dust mites. A fresh and decontaminated room will be the best possible advertising for your business.

Ozonclean Zernike sanificatore all'ozono per il settore ristorativo

Catering sector

In addition to the quality of the food, for a restaurant it is very important that the customer feels comfortable, in clean and sanitized rooms. This is the case for restaurants, pizzerias, pubs and canteens, where unpleasant smells and smoke from the kitchens can also compromise the excellent work of the chefs. Ozonclean, in full compliance with H.A.C.C.P. regulations and without the use of chemicals, is able to remove smells and pollutants that lurk in restaurant rooms, making the environment fresh and inviting.

Ozonclean Zernike sanificatore all'ozono per il settore alimentare

Food industry

Maintaining in biosecurity the food processing environments is often very difficult. Ozonclean is able to fight, in full compliance with H.A.C.C.P. regulations, microbial growth by destroying contaminants such as bacteria and molds, responsible for food degradation and always present in meat processing centers, fish markets and more generally in storage rooms. In this way it will be possible to extend the shelf life of food, reducing waste and preserving the biological qualities and freshness.

Ozonclean Zernike sanificatore all'ozono per il settore pubblico

Public sector

Public spaces, often closed, poorly ventilated and frequented by many people, represent the ideal place for the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and allergens. This is the case, for example, of schools, cinemas, sports centers and trains where the ventilation channels of the air conditioning systems are a perfect vehicle for the transmission of diseases. Ozonclean allows you to sanitize any surface quickly and without labor, reaching all those places that are difficult to clean manually, where microorganisms and bacteria lurk and multiply.

Ozonclean Zernike

Healthcare sector

Hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ surgeries and ambulances are among the environments where there is more viral and bacterial load: it is therefore necessary, for the protection of both the patients and operators, to try to sanitize them even several times a day. Unlike chlorine, which boasts a high bactericidal power but is not able to oxidize and destroy all kinds of microorganisms, Ozonclean is able to sterilize the air and all surfaces from viruses, molds, and bacteria, not requiring particular careful use and not damaging electronic equipment.


Ozonclean 400E Zernike

The machine for every use


Thanks to its compact shape with a comfortable handle, the light weight and the simple and intuitive display that allows you to create customized programs, Ozonclean 400E is a versatile model, ideal for hotel rooms, kitchens, butchers, fish shop, offices, changing rooms, vehicles, etc.

Sanitizes rooms up to 65 m²
Deodorizes rooms up to 200 m²

Ozonclean sanificatore ozono Zernike

The machine for big environments


Thanks to its production capacity, weight and dimensions, Ozonclean 800E is a machine for big areas, suitable for being fixed to the wall with a bracket, even better if at a good height. It is therefore the ideal model for large storage areas, food processing environments or large public places.

Sanitizes rooms up to 200 m²
Deodorizes rooms up to 500 m²

Ozonclean Big Air Zernike

The bespoke channelable machine


BIGAIR is a custom model, produced only after an accurate analysis of the environments to be treated. Thanks to the high production capacity and the ability to channel the different outlets, BIGAIR is able to treat multiple rooms simultaneously. It is therefore the ideal model for air conditioning systems, refrigerating and storage cells, silos, tanks, etc.

Ozonclean Big Water Zernike

The machine that uses the power of water


BIGWATER is a custom model, produced only after an accurate analysis of the environments to be treated. Thanks to the high production capacity and the possibility of delivering the ozone dissolved in the water, BIGWATER is the ideal model for washing and sanitizing automatic food production lines, slaughtering lines, large fish market, public toilets and showers, gyms, etc.


Hotel and Holiday Farm
Restaurants and Catering
Bar and Pub
Hospital and Nursing Homes
Butchers, Fish Markets and Food Processing Centers


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