You can put into the GR-System to be degreased:
- roasting/grilling pans,
- saucepans
- pots
- hood filters
- fryer baskets
- bakery trays (Euronorm)
- catering/restaurant trays (Gastronorm)
- gas burner rings
- grills
- inner parts of the oven
- metal skewers
- roast spits
- polyethylene cutting boards
Gr-System is able to wash all the following kind of materials:
- stainless steel
- copper
- aluminium
- polyethylene
- cast iron
Daily you can choose which tools to disincrust and de-grease with the GR-system so as to have a regular and constant use.
Do not wash silver and gold objects into GR-System.
Then, be careful to wash into GR-System the cast iron tools separately from other metals. Do not put into GR-system tank utensils made of other material when you wash cast iron utensils.
Yes, it is possible. “Green Clean det ” contains an inhibitor that prevents spoiling aluminium.
The Green Clean det emulsifies the dirty and the burnt parts, it does not corrode the tool materials, which after washing return shiny as before.
It is not forbidden to put into GR-System utensils made of PTFE and/or silicone, but they must be in perfect conditions with no damages, no scratches, no missing parts on the coatings.
The standard GR-System dimensions are: GR2, GR3 and GR4.
“GR-Detergent” is available in boxes of 2 Kg.
In order to easily remember the advised doses, you just need to check the number of your GR-System: for example, if you have a GR3, 3 bags of 2 Kg are required once per month, for a standard use.
The detergent is to be diluted in the water at the beginning of every new cycle, after the washing water reaches the temperature of 85°C. Sprinkle the detergent along the GR-System tank sides.
If you work H24 (for example, large catering and commercial kitchens) and you need to change the solution (water and detergent) more frequently e.g. every 7-10-15days, you just need to introduce 1/4-1/3-1/2 of the monthly detergent recommended dose.
“Green Clean det” is ecological, not toxic and not caustic.
The solution (water and detergent) present inside of the GR-system is very hot (85 °C). Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when working with the GR-system.
The machine is set to have 1 washing cycle during 1month long.
For particular needs, you can program the cycle for a different duration.
The washing time depends on the type of utensils and how dirty they are.
A thick layer of encrustations and/or fat can require two or three washing operations, carried out in consecutive days, to be completely cleaned.
If the dirty layer is very old, it is necessary to rinse them and to remove the dirt dissolved by GR-System, before washing again. However, it is possible to use the tools between a washing cycle and the other.
Normally, degreasing the hood filters requires 30 minutes, in case they are not periodically washed.
Otherwise, it is sufficient a considerably inferior time (approximately 8/10 minutes).
There is not a preset time.
We suggest not to let the utensils into the solution more than 24 hours. If the utensils are left too long into the GR-system, they could be covered by a limescale layer, that is not dangerous, but it is difficult to remove.
If the utensils are not completely degreased, it is necessary to rinse them and to put them back into the tank of the GR-System, or you can re-use them and after re-wash them.
No, you must not disconnect the GR-System, it is powered H24. You shall never un-plug the machine, even if when you don’t use it.
GR-system is equipped with an excellent thermal insulation, in addition it consumes much less electricity to keep the temperature, than to return the solution to the operating temperature.
There are two lines of GR-System and three lifting systems.
Manual lifting for GR STD
Take the basket on the side handles and hook the basket at the side supports inside the tank.
External automatic lifting
The external pulley for GR-STD allows to hook the basket and lift it to the needed height.
Automatic lifting for GR-UP
Push the button and the piston will lift automatically the
basket and stop it to the height you need.
We recommend to use also long gloves to protect hands and arms from the hot water as well as from the just washed kitchen utensils, because they are very hot too.
You just need to rinse the utensils, as soon as removed from the tank, by running water (warm or cold).
“Green Clean det ” is purposely studied in order to be operative for one month. After the first day the water becomes dark and brown. This is absolutely normal and it does not reduce the effectiveness of the solution that keeps being hygienic.
“Green Clean det”, and therefore the solution into GR-System, has anti bacterial functions. In addition, the operational temperature is high enough to kill the bacteria and to avoid the cross-contamination.
No, they cannot. Using GR-System, you see the solution (water and detergent) to become dark, but it keeps being efficient, in compliance with HACCP regulations.
You must remove all food residuals from the kitchen utensils before putting them into GR-System. If you introduce food inside the tank you risk to develop bad smells and to damage the heat element and the drainage pump. A good hygiene in the kitchen requires to remove food residuals from utensils before washing them.
The cover must be closed.
You shall open it only to insert and to remove the utensils, for the operations of cleaning and
filling/discharge of water and of Green Clean det. If you let the cover open, you will increase the
consumption of electricity and water.
It is recommended to use always long protective and heat resistant gloves. To keep safe your eyes, we suggest to wear the protective glasses.
The guarantee lasts one year, and it covers all manufacturing defects.
In case of use of chemical products different from GRDetergent the guarantee will be null and void.
Note: the use of different chemical products from the GR-detergent, in some cases, has developed a chemical reaction into the GR-System, damaging the machine and compromising its use.
Yes. Your supplier has all the necessary spare parts.

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