The time necessary for treating a room depends on:
·- The room dimension
·- The Ozonclean model
·- The kind of result pursued: deodorization or sanitization
The sanitization occurs once the room is saturated with ozone.
Instead, in order to obtain a deodorization effect the saturation is not necessary and therefore the duration of the treatment is shorter. Each Ozonclean model has several
automatic pre-set programs based on room dimension. When treating a room for the first time we suggest to run a treatment for 20 minutes, but not longer. The duration of the
following treatments must be the one preset in the Ozonclean programs.
It depends on the type of room and on your necessities. For
example, you may want to sanitize an hotel room before every new guest arrival. In particular cases (unpleasant smells such as smoke) the treatment can be performed everyday as the machine is very quick and easy to use.
Small animals are more sensitive to dangers and odours than men. As they feel the presence of ozone they run away. The ozone reaches all holes and spots where small animals usually hide, creating an hostile environment and preventing them from coming back.
No, the ozone action goes deep into fabrics (curtains, carpet, beds, etc...) and its effect “preserves” the treated environment, also considering you normally circulate clean
fresh air into a room, not infected one.
As any traditional sanitization and deodorization treatment
also Ozonclean action lasts until external conditions modify
the environment, causing for example an increase in the
microbial level or the spread of bad smells.
The bigger the room the longer the treatment. Maximum treatment capacities in term of square meters vary much from model to model and depend on the treatment duration too.
When operating the machine, the user must check that all the lights are correctly turned on. If the machine works correctly, the result is guaranteed. The deodorization result is verifiable
simply by breathing the air inside the room. To verify the sanitization results you can perform tests with a swab before and after the treatment.
At these levels of concentration the ozone does not cause intoxications and/or permanent damages. The worst effect on human beings are throat and eyes irritations and a light
dizziness, that may happen after one minute exposure. This is easily preventable, however, by turning off the machine or move away from the treated room.
N.B.: bear in mind that humans can easily exit a treated room if they need it. On the contrary, pets may not be able to do it so easily. DO NOT operate the machine if pets are present in the room.
In order to eliminate virus, bacteria and smells the ozone necessarily needs to be “harmful”. The advantage of the ozone is that it has a very short half-life, of about 30 minutes, after which it starts transforming into oxygen without leaving any trace. That is why only during the treatment no one must be present inside the room. Only during the treatment the Ozone
is harmful. Once it transforms back into oxygen it is completely risk free.
In all places where bacteria and smells constitute a problem. In general, all typically very crowded places such as hotels, restaurants, industrial kitchens, beauty centres, clinics,
nursing homes, swimming pools, schools, hospitals, banks, butcher shops, bakery shops, etc.
As many studies on ozone confirm, a sufficient quantity of ozone is able to eliminate all smells and microorganisms from a room in just few minutes. Ozonclean just makes the best use of this great feature of the ozone.
The only maintenance that Ozonclean requires is the cleaning of the external dust filter. It is advisable to hoover the floor before operating the machine and to clean the filter every 10-15 days if the machine is used daily.
The machine must be placed so as to make sure the ozone gets
distributed homogeneously inside the room and reaches all
points. Normally, a central position (also on one side, but not
close to obstacles) in the highest point possible is advisable.
No, Ozonclean sanitizes and deodorizes but does not act on dirt and stains. Therefore standard room cleaning must be performed as usual before the treatment.
Ozonclean can sanitize mattresses, pillows, telephones, computer cases and keyboards, curtains and all those objects very hard to reach in a room and that would be left untouched by other systems.
You just need to turn off the general switch and the machine will deactivate.
No, the ozone is produced through electrical charges which do not deteriorate any component. All the material used guarantee maximum durability.
Ozone is the most powerful virus and bacteria killer, with an oxidizing power 150 times higher than chlorine. It destroys any kind of microorganisms in few minutes and eliminates all smells by degrading odour particles.
Ozonclean is completely safe as the quantity need for any kind of treatment in no way can damage any material.
NO, Ozonclean just needs the oxygen naturally present in the air in order to work.
Ozonclean is an innovative 100% Italian patented technology able to generate “big” quantities of ozone in a short time: a highly competitive performance if compared to those of similar products on the market, with a an extremely advantageous quality/price ratio and no need for maintenance. Common ozone generators have high maintenance costs and very long treatment programs. Gruppo Zernike designed a high tech and yet simple, practical and light system which does not require any maintenance at all.
1. Cuts the labour cost for cleaning as it work independently
2. Reduces o eliminate the cost for chemical detergents and for washing curtains, carpet etc.
3. Guarantees a complete deodorization and sanitization level also in points hard to reach
4. Complies with HACCP regulations: you do not need to worry in case of controls by hygiene authorities
5. Improves you business brand.

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