Windry - Commercial automatic dish dryer

WINDRY - Commercial dish dryer

The only one automatic dryer in Ho.Re.Ca and CHR market.

Glasses and cutlery without smears…this is a whole other story

Designed to make your glasses and cutlery shine without smears or streaks, the dryer Windry reduces the risk of breaking the glasses and allows you to save time, avoiding a manual drying operation, so that you will no more waste time and you will be free to go on with your work. 
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7 BENEFITS using our commercial dish dryer  

  • The risk of glass breakage is reducedby avoiding manual drying
  • Thanks to the automatic drying, the staff will have more time for other tasks
  • Windry assures a considerablesave of time, costs and resources
  • The rapid stream of heated air dries without leaving any unpleasant streaks on cutlery and glasses
  • Shiny and clean cutlery and glasses will be the best introduction for your local
  • Equipped with an intuitive control display, Windry is easy to use
  • Available both in free-installation models and models to be hooked up to hood dishwashers


Specifically designed for wine bars, pubs and restaurants, Windry is a unique automatic dryer in the market of catering equipment. With the aim of manufacturing more and more efficient products, Zernike patented a cutlery and glasses dryer that can optimize time, costs and resources. Available in different models, you can get Windry in both free-installations models and models to be hooked up to hood dishwashers. As it is needed to be used regularly and often, Windry has been specifically designed to be easy to use and program, thanks to its clear and intuitive electronic display. Windry gives off heated airdrying quickly and automatically cutlery and glasses of all shapes and sizes.

This is very important fora saving point of view, because it allows to optimize the employ of drying operators and to reduce the risk of breakage, two great strong points of Windry in terms of costs. In addition, the quick-drying, without manual step, makes glasses and cutlery sparkling, hygienic, without fingerprints, a feature that will assure a good image to your local. It is important to note that the best results depend on the water quality used in the dishwashing operation. For this reason,Zernike always recommend to combine Windry dryer with a reverse osmosis purifier to apply to your dishwasher, that can eliminate lime scale and mineral salts inside water.


WD 400

Automatic dryer countertop, for operators having baskets sized 40x40 cm 
Sheet download

WD FLY 600

Automatic dryer to be hooked up to hood dishwashers, length 700 cm 
Sheet download

WD 500

Free installation model designed for operators having baskets sized 50x50 cm 
Sheet download

WD FLY 1200

Automatic dryer to be hooked up to hood dishwashers, length 1200 cm 
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Table shelf
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It is possible, on request, to provide the models WD FLY 600 and WD FLY 1200 with a lower shelf

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