Dry-aging Fish

The new Dry-aging created to enhance the fish characteristics.

With Klima Fish it is possible to give the right enhancement to the catch: thanks to the maturation processes we are now able to increase the softness, intensify the flavor and increase the juiciness of the fish meat.
Our dry-aging cabinets, thanks to their intuitive technology with ventilation and sanitisation devices patented, allow us to prolong the shelf-life of an easily perishable product and to use parts of the fishes that are

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Two patents made in Italy for a perfect dry-aging

Klima Fish is a dry-aging cabinet completely designed and manufactured in Italy using high quality components and a cutting-edge technology.

Built in AISI 304 stainless steel (suitable for contact with food in compliance with CE legislation), insulated with cyclopentane to ensure maximum thermal insulation, Klima Fish is equipped with patents that make it unique on the market.

Through a customized control unit, with intuitive control panel and icons, it is very easy to manage all the parameters such as temperature, humidity, oxygenation and ventilation. Anybody can now start to dry-age fish by himself.

Maintaining the right temperature and humidity during the maturation of the fish is essential.

The patented “V-O” air flow system is a unique technology. This system is one of key point that makes Klima Fish the most innovative dry-aging cabinet in this industry.

Thanks the asymmetric forometry of the backrest studied  “ad hoc” through the use of anemometers, the air is channeled around the perimeter, uniformly enveloping the fish, not hitting them directly and creating a perfect microclimate that allows you to maintain constant temperature and humidity in every point  of the cabinet in order to guarantee homogeneous drying inside the chamber of maturation.

Fish has a different bacterial load than meat which makes it a highly perishable food. It is essential not to start the proliferation of bacteria.

For this reason all Klima Fish include as standard the Oxigenklima technology, a patented device that thanks to the natural sanitizing power of active oxygen, allows to always be kept clean and sterile the atmosphere inside the cabinet cell, ensuring a perfect biosafety maturation

With Oxigenklima is possible:

To reduce and keep under control the presence of bacteria and molds;

To eliminate bad smells, generated during the dry-aging process, that could get out of the cabinet every time the door is open;

To avoid dangerous contaminations among the many types of fish placed in maturation which have uneven starting conditions (different origin sea​​, different maturation duration, different type of meat, etc..);

To sanitize the maturation chamber, without using any chemical product, even the most difficult areas to reach manually, such as the internal ventilation duct and the parts of the refrigeration unit;

Oxigenklima Zernike

Dedicated courses for maturation, seasoning and seafood cured meats

To make our customers start off on the right foot, we have organized courses aimed at introducing them to ancestral fish processing techniques, such as salting, seasoning and maturation in the Klima Fish cabinets, following a different procedure and logic from that applied up to now. All this is made possible for the following reasons:

• today there is more scientific know-how regarding the seasoning of fish as studies on the effects of salt, sugar and spices in contact with food have increased.
• technologies used for the maturing processes are increasingly performing with greater control of the fundamental parameters which allow you to work correctly, safely and in accordance with the law without taking the risk of any bacterial growth.
• The sea offers quality raw materials but which we are often unable to exploit as we would like and a large amount of waste is generated which, in the case of fish, can reach 40%.
This is partly due to a lack of scientific knowledge and the absence of adequate means to correctly process and preserve food.
Thanks to the use of KLIMA FISH it is possible to transform that 40% of waste into opportunities by producing unique dishes, giving you the possibility of expanding your menu with courses in which tradition evolves.
You will recover percentage points of profit from what was previously considered waste.

Why choose Klima Fish to short the meat

The fish intended for maturation must be processed very fresh: gutting it, removing the gills and scaling it eliminates the risk of decomposition while leaving the fish bone and skin avoids the risk of excessive drying. During the maturation process, the water contained in the fibers of the lean part is reduced, the fat percentage will increase, making the fish even tastier. At the same time, the work of the enzymes will make the connective tissues more tender, while remaining fibrous and firm.

Thanks to the patented oxygenation system, Klima Fish is able to mature any type of fish such as tuna, salmon, swordfish, trout and amberjack in perfect biosafety: even after days the dry-aged fish will not have a bad smell but will always seem freshly caught .

The patent on ventilation allows for uniform and controlled drying while the intuitive electronics allow you to modify the recipes to your liking, based on the type and size of the product placed in maturation.

Maturing fish is in all respects an alternative method to classic freezing or vacuum packing, to preserve fresh fish for longer.
Fish is an easily perishable product, with short storage times, and the duration of its shelf-life, i.e. the period of time that elapses between capture and consumption of the food without running health risks, depends on various factors :
• Species and size of fish
• Nutrition and quality of the waters in which he lived
• Post-mortem processing: how it is cleaned immediately after capture
• Storage

Klima Fish plays a fundamental role since it is the same internal microclimate, subjected to periodic and automatic sanitisation, which allows the shelf-life to be extended, otherwise the product would be subject to deterioration which would make it no longer edible

The infinite processes that can be carried out thanks to Klima Fish mean that none of the fish is thrown away.

Thanks to the maturation process, even parts that have always been considered “waste” such as offal, liver or eyes can be used to reinvent dishes and surprise the taste of customers’ palates. This way you can create sauces, broths, soups or seafood cured meats.

The latter, made with fish, offer consumers more creative dishes, rich in Omega 3 and therefore healthier than classic cured meats and meat sausages.

Klima Fish is therefore not just a simple fish maturator but, thanks to its technologies, it manages to season seafood cured meats.

The innovative technology of remote diagnostic and management in our KLIMA allows you to be always connected to the machine control unit for a constant monitoring of the meat placed inside, ensuring reliability and quality.

Not only! Remotely, via PC, tablet or smartphone, a whole series of operations can be managed such as configurations, programming and testing of the various components.

An example?
The customer can vary the humidity set point even if he is not physically in front of the machine.
Furthermore, thanks to the presence of a datalogger that continuously records some parameters, it is possible to consult or download the data relating to the operation of the cabinet in excel format, in order to find some anomalies and have H.A.C.C.P. traceability 24 hours a day.

Choose KLIMA FISH to save money

Klima Fish fully reflects the Zernike philosophy. Our dry-aging cabinet is a machine engineered to optimize all resources: energy, time and money.

  • An adequate insulation of the walls with cyclopentane ensures low energy dispersion.
  • The tropicalized refrigeration unit, in climate class 5, is highly efficient and uses R290 gas, the most efficient and environmentally friendly gas on the market.
    The refrigerating groups generally used in the market consume much more than ours: this turns into higher management costs for the customer.
  • Defrosting is made using hot gas to reduce times and energy consumption.
  • The internal LED lights do not change the internal temperature of the chamber because they do not heat up. Furthermore they last three times longer than traditional lighting systems.
  • Thanks to the technology used, Klima Fish has a greater internal capacity compared with other similar products. The internal space has been optimized as much as possible installing an evaporator on the top of the cabinet. Having more space to dry-age meat increases the profit for the user.
KLIMA FISH - Mylos Fish Restaurant - Leros - Grecia

Choose KLIMA FISH to earn

Klima Fish will give you the opportunity to reinvent your dishes, to offer customers something unique, with added value and to bring tastier, more tender and juicy fish on the table.
Any restaurateur can now, in a small space and at little expense, dry-age or season fish by experimenting with different techniques.

What are the benefits?
• Have less waste by using all parts of the fish;
• Make your customers understand the organoleptic qualities of the fish they will eat;
• Offer superior raw material quality and processing compared to competitors;
• Have a ripener that also works as a furnishing accessory to give personality and character to the room.

With Klima Fish profit is guaranteed.

Do you agree that innovation means improving the life of workers?

We have created electronics leading the user safely in the choice and customization of the programs. Thanks to the datalogger query, there is constant monitoring of the processing parameters to never have unpleasant surprises.
The simplicity, precision and versatility of the electronic control allow for precise management of temperature and humidity. Parameters combined with the patented oxygenation and ventilation systems, create the perfect and safe climate for any type of maturation.
The touch screen display is very intuitive and easy to use thanks to graphic icons created exclusively for Klima Fish System cabinets. You will find the processing programs already set and you just need to select the desired icon to run them. You will also be free to modify the programs as you wish, memorizing every single phase of the new processes



The top of the range


Designed for those who want to have the maximum of technology and quality that the market can offer.

  • Patented oxygenation system, to preserve meat from mold and to sanitize the cabinet without using chemicals;
  • Patented “V-O” ventilation system, to allow uniform and controlled drying on all the meat placed inside;
  • Humidity generator (water load required), to be able to experiment different types of maturation, in particular longer dry-aging with more structured meats;
  • Touch screen control display with intuitive graphic icons customized by Zernike;
  • Furnishing accessory for your environment: also available in elegant black colour with a glass back for a total view through the cabinet.

The cabinet for everyone


Designed for those who want to obtain a perfect dry-aging in biosecurity, but at the same time do not want to make an investment too expensive.

  • Patented oxygenation system, to preserve meat from mold and to sanitize the cabinet without using chemicals;
  • Patented “V-O” ventilation system, to allow uniform and controlled drying on all the meat placed inside;
  • Without humidity generator (no water load required) to dry-age young animals for shorter periods;
  • Digital control device (no touch screen) to be able to select the desired program.


Line 700


The 700 liter body is ideal for operators who want to start approaching and experimenting with new methods of fish processing without major constraints and without being forced to make an excessive investment.


Capacity: min 30kg – max 50kg

Line 900


The 900 liter represents the perfect compromise between dimension and productivity, with balanced lines and a size slightly greater than the 700 liter.


Capacity: min 40kg – max 60kg

Line 1500


The 1500 liter body is suitable for processing large and constant volumes of fish. For restaurants that have chosen to make fish maturing their strong point on which to focus the menu and offer customers unique tasting experiences.


Capacity: min 60kg – max 100kg

Line 500


The new 500-liter shell, thanks to its versatility, allows even small quantities of fish to be managed, stored and aged in total safety.


Capacity: min 20kg – max 40kg



The elegant


Do you have small space in the kitchen or in your lab?

To be integrated perfectly in your environment, the System version of our Klima Fish can be also available in the brand new matte black colour.
By combining style, quality and simplicity, our dry-aging cabinet can be placed in the dining room in front of customers, becoming a point of attraction in your local.


The professional


Classic but not trivial, Klima Fish System in steel version is an evergreen.

The rigor and practicality of steel are perfect characteristics for a work environment such as a kitchen or a laboratory.



The transparency of glass


The brand new Klima Fish with glass back is a plus that can be used in your environment. Positioned in the right place, the not openable glass back offers the customer visibility and choice on the different types of fish placed inside the cabinet. At the same time, the opposite side with opening door remains of practical use for the operator.


The power of steel


Klima Fish with steel back is designed for those who do not have particular exhibition needs.


Fish Shop
Restaurants and Hotels
Mass Distribution


Couple rails

Inox couple rails with anti-overturning system. Easy to handle and move.

Inox or Rilsan grid

The stainless steel grill is the optimal surface for maturing fillets and experimenting with fish marinating techniques.

Hook system

Stainless steel hook system with two sliding hooks for hanging big fish.

PH probe
Klima Aging Zernike telaio appendi salumi

Hanging seafood cured meats frame: 48 teeth for model 900, 36 teeth for models 700/1500.


Wheel kit with bearing (one with brake).

GSM monitoring system*

Module for sending alarm call and anomaly signalling.
*Available only for System models


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