FlashGRILL References


  • Chain – LA CAPRESE Restaurant & Grill
  • Resort Alle Dune – Castagneto Carducci ( Li )
  • Restaurant CANASTA – Riccione
  • Restaurant chain TRAMVAI – Fidenza, Cremona, Brescia, Asola, Parma www.tramvai.eu
  • Restaurant La Taverna – Desio –mb-
  • DUSSMAN – company canteen -



  •  Fast food chain Hamburgherie 202- 212 ( Milano – Padova – Ibiza – Londra – Istambul ) www.202hamburger.com
  • Street Food Experience – Milano
  • Chain PANINO GIUSTO – Milano www.paninogiusto.it
  • Fast food chain BURGER WAVE www.burgerwave.it
  • Fast food l’hamburgheria l’ora giusta – Torino www.loragiusta.it
  • Airfood – AirChef – Air-delivered meals Malpensa/Linate
  • Il BIRRIFICO di Como – Hamburgheria 1000 Coperti http://www.ilbirrificio.it/
  • Fast food : MyChicken – Milano Torino Gallarate
  • Per te caffe bar restaurant – Monza



chef Luca Cariati MOLINO SANTA MARTA“During a 4 years use of FlashGRILL, I noticed a considerable reduction of bill amounts. I'm used to work with temperatures from 230°C to 245°C and I always get excellent cooking, adding a very small quantity of condiment, especially to red meat, which keeps moist and tasty. FlashGRILL is easy to use and to clean, it does not burn food, making it more tasty, and it has allowed me to test some preparations and types of cooking that I could never be able to try with any other equipment. In addition, it has a very low heat radiation, contributing to keep a healthy work place”- Chef Luca Cairati (Owner - Chef) "Molino Santa Marta" Agritourism - restaurant -MI-

macelleria popolare "With FlashGRILL: meat is perfectly cooked! Caramelized out and still soft and moist inside." - Mr. Giuseppe Zen (owner) Macelleria Popolare al Mercato Coperto della Darsena in Ticinese -MI-

chef FRANCESCO DI MARIA LA FIORENTINA RISTORANTE“Eating food not burnt is an added value to any course. FlashGRILL makes food complete. It does not make flavours smooth, even if it works at low temperature. I can perfectly caramelize and grill the products, without boiling them. It is really great for white meat and fish. It is a real satisfaction to cook different kind of meat ( such as Chianina, Marchigiana, Romagnola, Piemontese…) being sure that the clients can fully perceive the differences among the tastes, because the specific flavour of each product is preserved.” 

- Chef Francesco di Maria (Owner - Chef) "La Fiorentina" restaurant -RM-

tramvai"About FlashGRILL I am very appreciating the quality and speed that I get in cooking over the practicality in the final cleaning of the plate. Zernike is a great group, very professional and serious" - Mr. Alessandro Tosini (Restaurant manager of Risto-Pub TRANVAI) – CR –

davito macelleria salumeria "FlashGRILL is very practical, it does not burn products, it is very easy to clean and I can cook at a short distance without be burning." - Mr Vito (owner) - MI –

go go burger fotogo go burger


"In my fast food the replacing of the old fry top fuelled by gas (used for 12 years) with the innovative FLASHGRILL made a noticeable improvement in terms of both product quality served and in daily operations. The burgers are cooked homogeneously and there is not weight loss, the cooking speed is improved and yield thanks to this new cooking plane that keeps the temperature constant and has no temperature changes due to the amount of meat in cooking (this especially at peak times of the work).

camst 1"FlashGRILL users have appreciated that it is easy to clean. Especially during service delivery, as well as at the end of the working day. They also found an environmental advantage. The heat received by the operator in front of the machine is lower if compared to other fry top on the market. Against a power commitment, a lower average of 30- 40%, the results in terms of product quality and cooking times are good" - Mr Mauro Fabbri (Purchasing Manager CAMST Group)

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