You do not need a qualified operator to use Klima Aging because the programs are already registered and in case they can be adjusted according to your needs.
During the drying process it is very important that the ripening and curing phases take place at their best, they must be short and infrequent to prevent too much “dirty” air from entering. Klima Aging also has a good seal of the doors and this is essential.
The dimensions of the cabinets, not too large, allow me to have greater control over the seasoning and guarantee the quality of the final product.
Zernike: Did you get an increase in production?
Fromagerie Du Val D’Ormèze: Production volumes have increased and we plan to grow further.

Fromagerie Du Val D’Ormèze – 1465 Route de la Passa – 07270 Gilhoc sur Ormèze

The advantages of Klima Aging are different thanks to which I am getting an increase in production.
A simple panel control, easy to use with adjustable processes in cycles.
The advanced performance of thermodynamics, humidity regulation (dehumidification / humidification) and the good traceability of the datalog allow you to follow all the aging steps and, in case of problems, to be able to intervene promptly.
In addition, effective LED lighting allows a very nice control and overview of the cheeses.
Zernike: Did you get an increase in production?
Fromagerie Roux: yes

Château Saint-Roux – Route départementale 17 – Route de la Garde Freinet – 83340 Le Cannet des Maures

Since I have been using the Multi Wash I greatly reduced the time spent in washing and I get a more thorough cleaning of all utensils used in the kitchen. I save the time with better results.

Ristorante Pizzeria Al Capuccini Vicenza Zernike
Mr. Walter, owner, Restaurant and Pizzeria AI CAPUCCINI -Vicenza – Italy

We have a cooking center that cares 3 hotels and that prepares about 340 meals a day, with peaks of 430 in high season, since 4 years we have no people set as pots washer . Before, at the end of the preparation cycle , it was usual to find dozens of dirty pots and backing- tins to wash, but now they are all washed in a continuous cycle with a gain of time and order in the kitchen. One of the best purchase ever made. One of the few cases in which when I look at the object I do not think about themoney I spent but aboutits usefulness. What seemed only a machine “more”in the production process it is now an essential element.

Mr. Celio Angelo Bortoluzzi, owner, HOTEL ITTA -Venice – Italy

In my fast food the replacing of the old fry top fuelled by gas (used for 12 years) with the innovative FLASHGRILL made a noticeable improvement in terms of both product quality served and in daily operations. The burgers are cooked homogeneously and there is not weight loss, the cooking speed is improved and yield thanks to this new cooking plane that keeps the temperature constant and has no temperature changes due to the amount of meat in cooking (this especially at peak times of the work).

Even heat the bread has become faster, I do not run the risk of burning it more (as it was with the old equipment) and I guarantee to get a roasting always homogeneous. Another advantage, not secondaryfor me, is the drastic reduction of cooking fumes (I have a suction system not very efficient); there is a minimum smoke emission only when leaning the meat on the hot surface. The low operating temperature ( I work at 220 °) does not make burn fats content in hamburger raising the quality of my products. After six months from the purchase, comparing the old gas bills with these electric current, I noticed a reduction in operating costs of this equipment by over 40%. It was simple test it! My electrician has set a KW counter ondedicated line. I can truly say that I made the best buy of the last years!

Mr. Andrea Bottaro, owner, GO GO BURGER restaurant – Genova – Italy

I have got a MW 4 UP and it gives an excellent washing result. The strength of this cleaning system is the perfect degreasing of all corners of the tools used in the kitchen: backing-pans, baskets, hood filters, etc.

Mr. Michele, owner, DARIO RICEVIMENTI catering – Padova – Italy

Using Piadacooking we found a significant reduction in energy consumption and we have increased the productivity.

Mr. Enrico Casagrande – retail development manager, LA PIADINERIA Group – Italy

FlashGRILL is very practical, it does not burn products, it is very easy to clean and I can cook at a short distance without be burning.

davito macelleria salumeria
Mr. Vito, owner, butchery DA VITO – Milan – Italy

About flashGRILL I am very appreciating the quality and speed that I get in cooking over the practicality in the final cleaning of the plate. Zernike is a great group, very professional and serious.

Alessandro Tosini, restaurant Risto-Pub TRAMVAI – Cremona -Italy

With flashGRILL: meat is perfectly cooked, caramelized out and still soft and moist inside.

macelleria popolare
Giuseppe Zen (owner), MACELLERIA POPOLARE al Mercato Coperto della Darsena in Ticinese – Milan – Italy